September 2012

    This years North American Tesshinkan training camps went very well once again. Tamayose Kaicho and Masako visited Chilliwack Canada first for a very successful Gasshuku attended by more than fifty members.


     We are very proud to introduce nine new Shodan from the US and Canada.

Lisa Ash, Aaron Boyd, and Jan Krieger from Bozeman, Montana, Mike Scales, Markus Clodius, Shaun Malough, Daniel Corbiel Montreal, Graham Adams Calgary, and Leslie Wiens Salt Spring.

James Dykes successfully graded to Sandan.  Congratulation to everyone!


We are also very proud to welcome several new Tesshinkan members!

 The seminar was followed by the fabled Pig Roast at the Shapland home.  Thanks Darrius!

Next, Tamayose Sensei and Shapland Sensei went to Ocala, Florida to teach another weekend seminar. The weather was great and the seminar went very well. Four Ocala students were promoted to San Kyu.   Tom Hodges, Anna Mohan, Dawn Lasher, and Kim Rivers successfully passed their Sandan exams.        Congratulations to all!

A moment of silence was observed for the late Nick Carter, leader of the Florida group.


Special guests Jerry Holt from Minneapolis, Nick DePaolo, from Cape Coral and Miguel Rios a new member from Bayonne, New Jersey.

The Florida seminar was followed by a wonderful BBQ at Crystal River and a spectacular pontoon boat excursion.

We are discussing the details of taking a group of North American Tesshinkan members to Okinawa July 24 – Aug. 13, 2018 for the World Tournament to celebrate the opening of the new Kaikan. If you are interested in this “trip of a lifetime” to the spectacular Mecca of Karate, please contact Shapland Sensei.